Cesar Andrade


Cesar was born in Ecuador in 1981, playing soccer as his main sport for most of his years in South America. He was introduced to the sport of tennis at 8 years old on a recreational level, however Cesar was always around the sport, his father would use him as a ball-boy in return for a few rallies once the “adult” match was done.

After his family immigrated to New York he frequently played at a local park in Queens, NY through the warmer months of the year. The head pro at the park courts recognized Cesar’s natural ability and took him under his wing at 11 years old.

After three (3) hard working years on the court Cesar picked up sponsoring from a company based out of Long Island, NY during his freshman year in high school. This opened many doors in the tennis world and his training took off towards high-level competition in the USTA junior circuit reaching the top 20 in the eastern section and top 80 in the nation.

During Cesar’s high school years he spent 4 months out of every year training at the Bollettieri Academy. While spending those summer months in Florida Cesar was able to compete in the ATP Satellite circuit from 1998-2000.

The next logical step was to play NCCA Division 1 tennis; Cesar was offered a full tennis scholarship to Iona College in Westchester and fulfilled that dream.

Once his bachelor’s degree in International Business was completed at Iona College in 2004 Cesar began a year round role with SportimeNY at Harbor Island. He quickly gained success and was recognized for his immense following and program development skills.

Cesar moved up the ladder to become a Regional Director and was responsible for the successful development of Sportime Harbor Island and the launch of Sportime Lake Isle (JMTA Academy) in Eastchester.

Cesar Andrade and the TI Academy team will apply all efforts and experience towards player development while establishing the first indoor tennis facility in the City of White Plains.