Born and raised in the Republic of Georgia, Vladimir’s journey in tennis began at the age of 10, blossoming into a passion that would define his life. At 16, he entered the competitive realm of the ITF circuit, paving the way for a remarkable career. Vlad’s prowess earned him the prestigious #1 singles and doubles positions on the Republic of Georgia Davis Cup team—a testament to his skill and dedication.

Equipped with the experience to compete at the professional level, Vlad ventured into the ATP Tour, achieving success in satellite and challenger events during his college years. Between 1994 and 1999, Vlad pursued higher education, earning a Master’s in Sports Journalism from the University of Physical Education in the Republic of Georgia. His coaching journey commenced in 1999 as the assistant coach for the Georgian National Team.

In 2003, Vlad brought his coaching expertise to the United States, assuming the role of Junior Program Director at the College Park Athletic Club in Chicago, IL. The year 2009 marked a turning point when Sportime NY, located in Mamaroneck, NY, recognized his talents. By 2011, Vlad was appointed Assistant Director of Tennis, solidifying his presence in the Westchester area.

Vladimir played a pivotal role in the inception of Tennis Innovators Academy in 2015. Serving as Director of Tennis, his years of experience have been instrumental in developing national junior champions, NCAA athletes, and professional ATP tour players, underscoring the level of expertise he brings to TIA.