Vladimir was born and raised in the Republic of Georgia. Vlad discovered his love for tennis at the age of 10 years old and by the time he was 16, he began competing in the ITF circuit. After finding success in the circuit, Vlad secured the #1 singles and doubles positions to play on the Republic of Georgia Davis Cup team — a great honor and accomplishment.

After gaining the tennis experience necessary to compete professionally, Vlad played the ATP Tour and performed well in many satellite and challenger events through his college years. From 1994-1999 Vlad studied and received his Master in Sports Journalism from the University of Physical Education in the Republic of Georgia. His coaching years began in 1999 when he became the assistant coach for the Georgian National Team.

By 2003 Vlad decided to take his coaching ability to the United States and received a position as the Junior Program Director at the College Park Athletic Club, Chicago, IL.   In 2009, he was scouted by Sportime NY, located in Mamaroneck, NY, and quickly gained recognition.  Vlad was named Assistant Director of Tennis by 2011 and began cementing his name in the Westchester area.

His commitment to high-quality instruction and true tennis knowledge earned him a spot on the Tennis Innovators Academy team, as the Director of Tennis.