The Tournament Travel Program (TTP) encompasses the following services:

  1. Monthly attendance of a traveling coach at high-performance and tournament team players’ competitive events.
  2. Dedicated support for players during and after matches, including comprehensive critiques and advice aimed at enhancing tournament performance.
  3. Provision of performance analyses to the players’ other TIA coaches, facilitating more focused and impactful practices between tournaments.

“A traveling coach experience allows for a player to live the life of a professional athlete during competition.”–Coach Cesar Andrade

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In order for our travel coaches to create a weekly, tournament travel schedule, the player (or parent) must email: at least three days prior to the tournament for eastern and tri-state area competition.  Tournaments that require chaperone and travel coaching services require 3-4 weeks notice.

Be sure to include the following information in your email:

  1. Player’s name and the link to the tournament page.
  2. If applicable, additional chaperone details needed for your player.


  • Pre-match warmups,
  • Pre-match pep talks,
  • Observing and supporting players during matches, and
  • Post-match feedback.


Chaperone and travel coaching services available upon request and includes all of the services noted above as well as managing the logistics for the trip.

Additional services include:

  • Travel reservations provided (i.e. flights, hotel, transportation, warm-up courts).
  • 24/7 chaperoning for player(s).
  • Transportation throughout the trip.
  • Coaching provided before, during and after matches.


Please note: The fee structure below is divided amongst the number of players participating in the event.

  • Academy Pro: $350 per day
  • Senior Pro: $400 per day
  • Director/Elite Pro: $450 per day
  • Master Pro: $500 per day

Additional fees incurred by the travel coach (i.e. hotel, flight, car rental, meals, etc.) will be charged to the player(s) participating in the event.

The new tournament structure utilizes seven levels of events, ranging from Level 7 (Intermediate) to Level 1 (National Championships), as well as a national ranking system that will distribute points consistently across the country. Level 1-3 National events are included on the USTA National Junior Schedule and sanctioned by the USTA National Office. Sectional Level 3 – 7 and 10 & Under events are sanctioned by the USTA Eastern Section. 

Watch a video on the new junior tournament structure.

L7 Tournaments: Open Intermediate Sectional Events 1-day event; 2-match minimum, 4-match maximum. These events are open to anyone. If there is a limited draw, a bottom-up selection process will be used for this level, which means players with no ranking will be selected first. The 12U division will offer green and yellowball events.  
L6 Tournaments: Open Intermediate Sectional Events Up to 3-day events; 2-match minimum, 4-match maximum, and open to anyone.  Selection process for this level is based on ranking.
L5 Tournaments: Open Advanced/Intermediate Sectional Events  Up to 3-day events; non-elimination and open to anyone. Up to 36, L5 events will be sanctioned in the Eastern section. Selection process for this level is based on ranking.  
L4 Tournaments: L4 Closed Super Six Events , L4 Closed Empire Cup Doubles , L4 Closed Mixed Doubles, and L4 Intra-team competition Up to 4-day events; Open and Closed events, with Closed events limited to Eastern section players. Selection process for this level is based on ranking.
L3 Tournaments: National L3, L3 Closed Super Six Events, L3 Closed Empire Cup Doubles and L3 Closed Mixed Doubles  3+ days National or section events; L3 tournaments will be Closed events limited to Eastern section players. Selection process for this level is based on ranking. 
L2 Tournaments: National L2 and Section/Intersectional Team Competition 3+ day National events. Selection process for this level is based on ranking.
L1 Tournaments: National Championships, National Team Events and selected ITF events  4+ day National events. Selection process for this level is based on ranking.