Sunil hails from Delhi NCR, India, where he was immersed in a family of sports enthusiasts. With a father who served in the Indian military and an elder brother excelling in boxing, Sunil was raised in an environment that valued discipline and athleticism. However, it was tennis that captured his heart and became his lifelong passion.

During his junior tennis career, Sunil attained numerous victories, earning the prestigious title of the #1 ranked player in his state. This success granted him a coveted tennis scholarship to Kurukshetra University (KUK), Division 1, in Haryana, India, where he pursued a Masters in Political Science alongside a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA). His thirst for knowledge led him to further studies at prestigious institutions such as Harvard University and Stanford University.

Sunil’s journey through the national and collegiate tennis circuits fueled his desire to transition into coaching. Armed with a wealth of experience and expertise, he embarked on a coaching career, acquiring certifications from reputable organizations such as the ATP, ITF STAY, USPTR, AATC, ISMCA, AITA, and ACE Fitness Certification.

With over a decade of coaching experience spanning all age groups and skill levels, Sunil has left an indelible mark on the tennis landscape. His tutelage has seen some of his students rise to prominence, representing India in the Davis Cup. Committed to nurturing talent and fostering holistic development, Sunil brings a clear vision for tennis advancement to the TIA team. He is dedicated to empowering aspiring players to realize their tennis dreams and reach their full potential. Sunil’s passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment make him a valuable asset to our coaching staff, and he eagerly anticipates the opportunity to guide and inspire our players.