Sadiq was born in Abuja, Nigeria.  He started as a ball kid at the age of ten in a country club opposite his house. A few years later he started competing regionally.  After a huge win over the local junior star player, he received sponsorship and was able to compete in the ITF circuit by the Nigerian Tennis Federation. After a year of intense training, Sadiq was recognized for his hard work, leadership, and talent to represent Nigeria in the Africa Junior Championship.

At the age of sixteen, he began playing the men’s circuit while still competing in the junior ITF circuit, reaching the top 700 in the world in the ITF junior rankings. His next step was receiving a scholarship to Triangle Tennis Academy in Raleigh, North Carolina. After six months of training and competing in the US, Sadiq applied for colleges and got a full athletic scholarship to ASA College, NY, which is known for national-level collegiate tennis in the NJCAA division. Sadiq played singles two and doubles two on the men’s tennis team for three years. Sadiq also made it to the NJCAA nationals in 2016 where he picked up key wins for his team. He graduated from ASA College with a criminal justice degree.

Sadiq’s exposure to world-class tennis throughout his life makes him a true asset to the development of TIA players of all ages and levels.