Luigi Moretti was born and raised in Salerno, Italy, an area that was not very developed in the tennis world. Luigi quickly became a local junior tennis star and at the age of 13, he started to travel around Italy training in the best tennis academies in the country and competing in ITF events. Luigi’s main goal was to become a professional tennis player so he started a private school system that was tailored for an athlete’s life, this allowed him to get an education while still having time to train daily, in pursuit of his dreams.

At the age of 17, after many years of hard work Luigi started to gather excellent results which lead to the opportunities to play in the Futures Pro Circuit. This was the highlight of Luigiā€™s career, the professional level experience taught him a lot and allowed him to travel the world.

After two years in the Pro Circuit and a teaching opportunity at the Bollietieri Tennis Academy, he was presented with the opportunity to have a full scholarship at Montreat College where he is still pursuing his studies. Luigi has just completed his tennis season with excellent results playing in the number 2 line in singles and doubles. We are excited to have Luigi at TIA inspiring our players!