Kwame was born and raised in Georgetown, Guyana, and at age 10 migrated to Botswana, Africa where he was quickly recognized as a gifted athlete. Growing up Kwame played all sports, but one day he played a tennis match around 11 years of age against a friend at the local courts. Kwame lost this match, which was the beginning of his love for tennis. Kwame had the burning desire to get better.

Kwame was predominantly self-taught up until his early teens, and after receiving his first professional tennis coaching lesson, he was recognized with the innate ability to be a true player. His junior career taught him the work required to become a true player, he started with local regional tournaments and eventually was ready to play ITF events in his country. As he developed experience at the ITF tier, he began to picture himself as an NCAA athlete and beyond. After graduating high school Kwame pursued his passion and accepted a full tennis scholarship to attend a nationally-ranked NJCCA Division 1 team at ASA College Miami. The ASA team was known to house many foreign professional players, fresh off the ATP circuit, Kwame had stepped into a whole new level, which would eventually boost his tennis career.

After representing ASA in 1st singles and 1st doubles throughout most of his playing years Kwame was named Assistant Tennis Coach upon graduating ASA. Kwame now was in charge of developing and improving ATP level players and taking them towards the historic winning way of ASA, an amazing coaching experience. Kwame went on to win two NJCAA National Titles (2014 & 2015) in his 3 years as ASA coach, the 2013 season finished runner-up. Kwame’s efforts were recognized and he was named “Assistant Coach of the Year” for his division in 2014.

Kwame started working with Tennis Innovators Academy in 2015, his high pedigree experience has developed him into a leader and master tennis professional at TIA. Kwame continues to strive to build athletes that want to reach the highest levels in our sport and that want to pursue NCAA and professional tennis dreams.