Jason was born and raised in Malaga, Spain. Growing up, he was always passionate about sports, specifically, soccer and tennis. He started playing both at the age of 8 and by high school, was playing them at high performance. At the age of 12, he was offered to play in Málaga FC and would have to decide which one to pursue more seriously.

Jason bet on tennis, as he liked the individualistic competition and taking responsibility for his actions on the court. He began to train intensively and travel around Spain to play tournaments, and soon enough, his hard work began to pay off. By the age of 16, he was ranking top 30 in Spain under 16 and he was playing at the renowned Tennis Group Academy in Marbella, Spain. In 2013 he went on to play at Galindo Tennis Academy in Florida where he participated in his first USTA tournament and reached the finals at Brandenton. There, he learned English, fell in love with the American experience, and recognized there was an opportunity to play US college tennis and earn a degree, and made it his goal to return.

In 2016, Jason ranked 250th in Spain’s pro circuit and then went on to join the team at Laredo College in Texas, whose national team ranked 5th. He soon transferred to Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 2018, where he and his team won the Great America Conference. In his senior year, the team ranked top 18 in the nation DII. Jason graduated from SOSU with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor in Psychology.

Throughout the years, he has coached at many different clubs in Spain and in USA. Jason loves coaching, engaging with players, and excels at building strong relationships with his clients. He continues to appreciate the strategy and mental toughness that this sport brings and wants to continue sharing it through his work. Jason looks forward to sharing his knowledge with our TIA players!