Luka was born in the United States and moved to Tbilisi, Georgia at age two. He comes from a long line of tennis professionals. His mother was on of the top 100 tennis players in Russia (then U.S.S.R.) and his grandmother was a European tennis champion. Luka’s father played in ATP tournaments while living in the U.S., and his grandfather was a top high performance tennis coach in Georgia. Thus making Luka a third generation tennis professional in his family.

Surrounded by tennis players, Luka started playing tennis at age six. By nine, he won his first tournament and to this day, he can still remember the pride he felt from winning. Luka went on to compete in high level junior tournaments throughout Europe, and then competed in the ATP Futures as an adult. In addition to having the skill set and love of the sport, Luka developed as a coach under his grandfather’s instruction. His experience as a high level tennis player coupled with his coaching style is a great addition to our Academy.