Michael Wallace

Academy Professional 

Mike Wallace, born and raised in Mount Vernon, started playing tennis in 8th grade, which is relatively late compared to many. Not letting his late start affect his ambition, Mike set a goal to play high school tennis.

After two short years of dedicating himself to improving, he was appointed captain of Salesian High School’s tennis team. As captain, he held a 36-1 record. After graduating high school, Mike received an athletic scholarship to play NCAA Division II tennis at Southern New Hampshire University, an amazing accomplishment deserved due to his hard work. Known for his strong leadership skills, he was determined to become the captain of his college team. Once captain, he led his team to the first conference championship & NCAA appearance in university history. Throughout college, he reached a school milestone of earning 100 collegiate wins and numerous doubles titles.

Mike has credited his serve for most of his doubles success; a serve that has reached 125+ M.P.H! With an outstanding background as a collegiate player and almost 10 years of teaching experience, Mike Wallace brings both his passion and his expertise to the TIA courts, helping you believe & achieve!